Evergreen Storage


Think of it Like SaaS

Evergreen™ Storage is unlike typical storage industry offerings that focus on warranties, support, and one-time controller upgrades. Instead, Evergreen is about applying a cloud-like approach to on-prem storage – giving you a subscription-based storage experience that keeps getting better with age. Buy your storage once, and upgrade and modernise it as needed, all without any disruption and without re-buying any TBs you already own. Through our Evergreen Storage Gold and Silver subscriptions, you can harness rapid software, hardware, and flash innovation – annually or even faster – with no need to wait for a 4-5 year refresh.

Evergreen Gold

Evergreen Gold is our standard subscription offering, delivering our complete set of ever-improving capabilities across software, hardware, white-glove support, and maintenance. With Evergreen Gold, you get the full benefit of a SaaS-like model but tailored for on-prem storage, and with better economics for routine modernisation compared to Evergreen Silver.

Evergreen Silver

Evergreen Silver is our value subscription offering, geared for smaller organisations. Silver delivers the same subscription to software, white-glove support, and maintenance, but omits the subscription to hardware. Because all Pure Storage arrays are engineered to be Evergreen, Evergreen Silver customers can still purchase hardware upgrades a la carte and deploy them non-disruptively as needed.


Evergreen Subscriptions give you all-inclusive access to our software, today and into the future, without having to pay extra for your existing storage footprint. It’s as simple as that. Our customers have already benefited tremendously as we’ve rolled out major enhancements over the years, and there are plenty more to come. 

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“The Evergreen Storage model represents a positive and much-needed shift in the industry.”
Tim Stammers, Senior Analyst
451 Research
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“Evergreen Storage was a huge reason we went with Pure.”
Michael Richardson, System Administrator
Smithville Fiber
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“With Evergreen, the latest technology and top performance are always available.”
Alexander Ietan, IT Infrastructure Coordinator
Kremsmüller Group


Tired of big expenses hitting your budget at inconvenient times? Or having to deal with increasingly higher costs to own aging storage? Evergreen Subscriptions give you predictably flat maintenance rates over time. They’ll never go up, and they may even go down. And, we’ll replace any problematic hardware or software with like or better for as long as you are under our subscription.


Evergreen Subscriptions give you a full complement of high- end services to make sure your array runs fast and smoothly – services others charge a premium for, if they’re even offered. Pure1 Meta™ cloud-based intelligence powers our Predictive Analytics, which are optimised to find and fix potential issues – before they become real issues. Our experts are keeping tabs on your arrays at all times, helping you through upgrades, responding within a mere 15 minutes for any Sev 1 incident, and ready to notify you if we need your assistance. If you do call us, you’ll get first-call access to L2 support – no L1 hassles and repeated explanations that waste time and money. It’s practically like a managed service, already included in your subscription.


Our standard Evergreen Gold subscription completes the experience with a range of programs to modernise both controllers and flash media – without re-buys. Evergreen Gold includes next-generation controllers with every three-year renewal. With Evergreen Gold’s Upgrade Flex bundles, anytime you expand FlashArray with a qualifying capacity purchase you receive trade-in credit for your existing controllers towards our most modern controllers – even if they’re next-generation. Either way, your controllers will stay modern. And for flash media, any capacity expansions not tied to an Upgrade Flex qualify for trade-in credit for a portion of your existing, less dense flash. The end result? No repurchases of TBs you already own even as your whole FlashArray modernises. That’s what we mean by Evergreen.

Installation services are not included as part of Evergreen Subscriptions – see terms for details.


Evergreen Storage subscriptions are a radically better experience compared to the status quo. Get storage you can buy once and keep modern; harness rapid software, CPU, and flash innovations to power your business; and get everything in an all-inclusive subscription.

Evergreen is Unmatched in the Industry

Evergreen Storage revolutionised the storage ownership experience by delivering value on customers’ storage investments through generations of non-disruptive performance and density improvements. Many have tried to imitate Evergreen, but – lacking its core technology – their offerings never quite match up. So don’t settle for less.

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