Evergreen™ Storage delivers a storage ownership experience that’s utterly unlike competitor offerings. It's closer to what you expect from a managed service: all-inclusive array software, guaranteed capacity, higher levels of support, and predictable maintenance costs for the life of your arrays – all at no extra charge.

We Include All Our Array Software

Evergreen Storage Subscriptions give you all-inclusive access to our array software, today and into the future. It’s as simple as that. There is no extra charge for your existing storage footprint. Our customers have already benefited tremendously as we’ve rolled out major enhancements over the years, and there are plenty more to come.

Get Free Purity Software with Evergreen Subscriptions Get Free Purity Software with Evergreen Subscriptions

We’ll Guarantee your effective capacity

Pure’s Right-Size Guarantee takes the worry out of buying storage. We’ll guarantee you a minimum effective capacity that fits your needs – and if we fall short, we’ll provide additional capacity to make up the difference. No worries about not buying enough storage – or buying too much. It’s always the right size, guaranteed.

Receive Pure's Right-Size Guarantee for Effective Capacity Receive Pure's Right-Size Guarantee for Effective Capacity

We’ll Even Guarantee your choice for Pure

We build and support a comprehensive enterprise storage system that will blow you away. We’re absolutely confident of that. If you’re not completely thrilled with your storage, return it for a full refund. The Love Your Storage™  Guarantee is the broadest in the storage industry.

Learn More About Pure's Love Your Storage Guarantee Learn More About Pure's Love Your Storage Guarantee
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"We have gone through three generations of Pure FlashArray™ arrays — starting with the 400 series, then the //M and now the //X — along with at least 10 firmware updates. They've all been seamless and behind the scenes. No one has ever noticed an impact."

Michael Finnegan, VP, Production Operations
eMoney Advisor

Your Costs: Totally Predictable

Evergreen Subscriptions give you predictably flat maintenance rates over time. They'll never go up, and they may even go down. No big expenses hitting your budget at an inconvenient time, no increasingly higher costs to own aging storage. And we'll replace any problematic hardware or software with like or better for as long as you are under our subscription.

Predictably Flat Storage Maintenance Rates Predictably Flat Storage Maintenance Rates

Your Experience: White Glove

Evergreen Storage Subscriptions include a full complement of high-end services – benefits others charge a premium for, if they’re even offered. Our experts are keeping tabs on your arrays at all times with predictive analytics (powered by Pure1 Meta™), helping you through upgrades, responding within a mere 15 minutes for any Sev 1 incident, and ready to notify you if we need your assistance. If you do call us, you’ll get first-call access to L2 support – no L1 hassles and repeated explanations that waste time and money. It’s all included in your subscription.

Simplify Storage Investment with Predictive Support Simplify Storage Investment with Predictive Support

With Evergreen Savings, You’ll be a Financial Hero

Today’s CFOs and purchasing departments are constantly looking for ways to drive value in their organizations. Thanks to Evergreen™ Storage, Pure arrays have no defined end of life. That means Pure customers can extend their depreciation schedule out to 7+ years, with savings of as much as 70% per year compared to traditional storage – savings that can boost an organization’s earnings per share (EPS) and look much better on a balance sheet.

Reduce Storage TCO by 70% Compared to Traditional Storage Reduce Storage TCO by 70% Compared to Traditional Storage
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“The Evergreen program is the most creative and cost-effective solution out there for keeping up with the rapid growth in storage capacity as well as changes in storage technology.”
Dale Sanders, President of Technology
Health Catalyst
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“I’ve never seen a program like Evergreen Storage before. Pure has taken steps well beyond any other vendor to make it seamless and affordable for a business to move into the future.”

Daniel Dickerson, Systems Engineer
Choctaw Nation
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“Evergreen is a big plus for Pure Storage, and it has gone over very well with our finance people.”

Andrew Watson, Senior Systems Administrator
Colorado College