Efficient Like You
Won’t Believe

All your workloads, consolidated and running smoothly, encrypted and protected, and all your data services delivered without compromise – in less space than you would ever imagine. Oh, and drastically simplified and automated management, too. No need to pinch yourself, this is real.

All-Flash for Everything

And we do mean everything – Tier 1, Tier 2, Dev/Test, Big Data & Analytics. Consolidate all your workloads on Pure's modern data experience: with Purity and DirectFlash™ powering FlashArray and FlashBlade™, the sky’s the limit.

We Don’t Do Trade-Offs

A truly efficient storage solution doesn’t engage in trade-offs. Many vendors offer data reduction, for example, but you pay for it in latency. Many claim they are ready to scale – until you try. Others claim their platforms are “simple”, but you might think differently once you start enabling the data services you need. And just as often, you’ll start to pay more for those “extra” services. Purity Operating Environment data services are all native, easy to use (if you need to do anything at all), and built-in to the platform. They’re included with every array we sell, at no extra charge.

Unbeatable Numbers

Ticker data reduction averages are calculated across the entire Pure Storage FlashArray installed base, updated live 24/7.

Your next stop? Cloud IT

One day soon your developers will enjoy an ever-expanding and on-demand catalogue of cloud IT services. Our storage solutions are fully automatable and extensible to accelerate your cloud IT – whether private or hybrid cloud. That means your developers get maximum agility and velocity regardless of your IT infrastructure.

What Does Efficient Look Like at Scale?

Nielsen replaced 50 racks of disk with 5 racks of Pure. In the process, the company experienced a 4x workload improvement, and customer analytics – the lifeblood of the company – accelerated from daily to hourly releases.

What If Storage Was Your Unfair Advantage?

That’s the Pure Storage experience. Effortless, Efficient, and Evergreen.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Review your requirements

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2. Take a Test Drive

See how Pure works with quick setup of an online test environment.

3. Migrate to Pure

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