Evergreen™ Storage behaves like SaaS and the cloud. We’re continuously delivering our innovations in software and hardware to you, keeping your storage fresh and modern with next-generation technologies such as denser flash, low latency NVMe, and faster CPUs. All without any disruption, downtime, or performance impact to your operations. Just like SaaS, your storage experience is always improving.


Imagine buying your storage capacity once, and upgrading it as needed, without losing a penny on your investment. Now imagine doing that without disruptions of any kind – even when you cross generational boundaries, as with the shift to NVMe in our FlashArray//X. That’s our definition of Evergreen Storage: you get uninterrupted value from your storage investment for a decade or more, without re-buying a single TB you already own.

Subscriptions Make It Effortless

With Evergreen Storage, you’ll get a comprehensive subscription to innovation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the storage industry. It’s a world of difference from the typical storage industry offering which focuses on basic warranties and support, and requires continual hardware and software re-purchases for modernization. With Pure, you’ll essentially get a managed service-type experience – at no extra charge.

Une baie de stockage sans équivalent et des coûts réduits d'au moins un tiers

Pure Storage 100% flash, ce n'est pas simplement le n° 1 du Magic Quadrant de Gartner trois années de suite. Avec le modèle Evergreen Storage, nos solutions s'auto-amortissent. En effet, si l'on tient compte de votre investissement en matière de stockage et de sa modernisation sur 6 ans, Pure Storage vous assure une baisse des coûts de 33 %. En y ajoutant les avantages d'une baie à disponibilité permanente dix fois moins gourmande en espace, en puissance et en énergie de refroidissement, deux fois plus efficace en réduction de données et synonyme de zéro rachat de stockage, l'économie réalisée sur la même période grimpe à près de 50 %. 

The Game Changers

What’s made us a 2017 IDC MarketScape leader?
A strategy for the future that since 2015 has included the revolutionary technology refresh program we call Evergreen Storage.


Today’s CFOs are constantly looking for ways to drive value in their organizations. Because of all that Evergreen Storage brings to the table, Pure arrays have no defined end of life. That means Pure customers have the ability to extend their depreciation schedule out to 7+ years, with savings as much as 70% per year compared to traditional storage – savings that can boost an organization’s earnings per share (EPS).

Et si le stockage vous donnait un avantage de premier choix?

C'est le principe du Smart Storage. Simplicité, efficacité et Evergreen.

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