Maximizing SQL Server Performance with Flash Storage

Maximizing SQL Server Performance with Flash Storage

SQL Server is the core enterprise database platform for many of today’s mission critical workloads. Without a doubt, performance is always one of the key issues that virtually every DBA and database professional worries about. Flash storage can be an effective way to improve SQL Server’s performance and it is changing the way businesses are configuring their modern storage infrastructures. For business critical applications like SQL Server, flash storage can effectively eliminate the I/O bottlenecks that introduce latency into your mission critical applications. Flash storage can also improve your data resiliency and simplify your data management requirements at a cost that is comparable to traditional spinning media. 

In this webcast, attendees will get a deep dive into the world of flash storage and SQL Server. They will learn:

  • To compare the different types of flash storage that can be used 
  • About some of the best practices for using flash storage with SQL Server 

Featured Speakers:

Michael Otey, senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro, President of TECA

Argenis Fernandez, SQL Server Solutions Architect for Pure Storage

Featured Technology Partners