Pure Drives Better Healthcare

Pure transforms healthcare storage solutions from an expensive liability to a driver of innovation, savings, and better clinician experience across provider organizations.


From enterprise imaging to genomics research to population health analytics and more, machine learning tools are driving the next generation of patient care innovation. With Pure Storage solutions, you’re ready for what’s next.

FlashBlade Drives Enterprise Imaging

Healthcare organizations are seeing increasing demand from providers for medical imaging to be available in real-time, and on any device. Pure Storage all-flash solutions enable fast and concurrent delivery of imagery across a health system.

Supercharge your data

Pure Data-Centric Architecture turns data into intelligence and advantage – radically enhancing every aspect of provider organization IT.

Always-Available Records

Pure Storage solutions deliver fast, available, and scalable Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR). Our customers enjoy consistent clinical-grade performance and resiliency alongside built-in data reduction, data-at-rest encryption, and QoS, with no performance impact. Scale as needed, non-disruptively. So forget big, complicated designs and endless tuning – this storage just works.

VDI at 100% Performance

Accelerate virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications with <1ms latency and proven 99.9999% availability. Get all the data security that VDI offers without the performance problems common to traditional solutions. With data reduction that’s typically 2x better than the competition, a Pure Storage all-flash array means you save by buying less storage.

High-Powered IT

Pure Data-Centric Architecture is genomics and imaging ready. Leverage big data, complex data, and structured and unstructured data – and depend on all that data being highly available and resilient. Exceed your SLAs without breaking a sweat through fast, easy all-flash performance that delivers higher customer and clinician satisfaction for less than the cost of disk. 

For Insurers, It’s a New World of Data Management

Health insurers today are confronted with the need to modernize their infrastructure in the face of exponential growth in the volume of data and the methods of its use. Pure Storage Payer Solutions help insurers conquer the challenges of this new data reality.

Storage Data Management for Payer Solutions

Not Just Easy – Effortless

Enhanced EHR services depend on data that’s consistently reliable and accessible. Pure Storage provides 99.9999% delivered availability for FlashArray and 100% performance during upgrades and maintenance. Our solutions are self-managing and plug-n-play; they’re also cloud-connected, with SaaS-based monitoring, unrivaled proactive support, and machine learning predictive analytics. If your attention is needed, your smartphone will let you know.

Reset Your Expectations of Efficiency

10x better performance means faster applications and better analytics – which means clinicians can treat more patients per day. A 10x smaller footprint means organizations save big on power, cooling, and space. Think massive consolidation and cloud-like agility for your on-demand, data-driven future.

Save with Storage that’s Evergreen

What if your storage actually got better with age? Say goodbye to patient data migrations and avoid the traditional storage re-purchase cycle entirely. Like SaaS, our revolutionary Evergreen™ Storage ownership model delivers continuous innovations in software and hardware to you. Not only will you never again migrate data, you’ll save 33% just by switching to Pure. From there, the TCO picture only gets better and brighter.

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“Our most important clinical systems now run on Pure.”
Jason Pearce, Enterprise Architect
Riverview Hospital
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“The Pure Storage FlashArray helps us give our patients better care.”
Brad Shook, Director of IT Operations
Medical Health
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“Pure delivered on all the promises they made: fast performance, ease of use and great support.”
Jeff Tang, CTO
Contra Costa Medical Center

See How Our Customers Have Benefited

St. Luke’s Health System Accelerates Epic

St Luke’s Health Systems was struggling with a complex storage environment and long data migrations were negatively impacting patient care. With Pure Storage, St Luke’s is providing the highest performance for all Epic environments including test, training and physician experimental environments and deploying new Epic test environments went from 2 weeks to 1 hour. 

Riverview Improves Patient Experience

Riverview needed to ensure the performance of a rapidly growing EHR database while adding hundreds of virtual desktops. With Pure Storage the hospital has improved their EHR performance by 10x, added hundreds of persistent virtual desktops, reduced latency to <1ms, and increased IOPS by 50%.

MCH Gets Speed and Simplicity

Medical Care Health System wanted faster response times for a rapidly expanding Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp virtual environment. Switching to Pure Storage brought 8:1 data reduction, 8x faster system access time, and dramatically simplified storage management.

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