Get VM Control with Virtual Volumes

With the simplest Virtual Volumes (VVols) implementation in the industry, Pure Storage FlashArray drives effortless agility and control – and better SLAs – for VMware environments.


Prior to Virtual Volumes, traditional VMFS implementations imposed a range of datastore-based management and performance challenges on VM admins responsible for delivering SLAs to mission-critical applications. No longer. Per-VM data services are here. Have a look.

VVols and Pure Eliminate
Virtualization Bottlenecks

At its core, VVols aligns application resource needs with storage services at the level of the individual VM. This per-VM granularity, combined with the advanced capabilities of FlashArray, assures per-VM SLAs, simplifies per-VM management, and delivers per-VM portability. 

Virtualization with VVols on FlashArray Virtualization with VVols on FlashArray


  • Rapid and granular management, recovery, and troubleshooting with per-VM data services, stats, and reporting
  • Instant per-VM restore with zero-impact FlashArray snapshots
  • Automated compliance management with Storage Policy Based Management

Simplify per-VM management

  • Improve productivity with per-VM, policy-based storage management; no more rescans or UNMAP
  • 24-hour undo for rapid recovery of accidentally deleted VMs
  • Predictive per-VM performance and capacity planning with Pure1 Meta

Gain per-VM Data Portability

  • Freely align resources to use cases: easily migrate Physical to Virtual or Virtual to Physical
  • Optionally, migrate on-prem to Cloud as your business requires
  • VMs are no longer locked in to fixed locations


It’s simple to set up, deploy, manage, and maintain your virtual environment with VVols on FlashArray. Register a highly-available and stateless VASA provider hosted on FlashArray’s controllers, create a VVol datastore, and import policies. Then you’re good to go.

Mission-critical app management made easy

VVols makes possible simple, straightforward management for your SQL Server and Oracle databases at the VM level. You get all the rich data services of FlashArray for your VMware environment. Check out the details on our blog.

Migrate at will, and run flexibly
and effortlessly

While you can easily migrate VMFS datastores to VVols in minutes, Pure gives you the flexibility to run both datastore types on FlashArray. Go 100% VVols, or run a mixture, with mission-critical and compliance-dependent apps on VVols. It’s entirely up to you.

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