Data Protection without Boundaries

The ObjectEngine™ platform is the industry's first data protection solution born from flash and cloud to truly protect modern enterprises. Now you can realize rapid backup, recovery, and data reuse, seamlessly between private and public clouds.

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"The Pure Storage solution achieves the same capabilities in just one-third of a rack. A full rack ObjectEngine solution delivers an insane 2PB of object storage."

Steve McDowell, Senior Analyst
Moor Insights & Strategy

Your Backup Data Deserves Better

Your business is always on, but with a legacy disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) approach, it may take days to recover your data. Enter flash-to-flash-to-cloud (F2F2C), the modern architecture for data protection, built to reduce recovery time from days to minutes.

ObjectEngine — Giant Leap in Data Protection

Meet the industry's first F2F2C solution. ObjectEngine taps the power of flash and cloud to deliver unprecedented restore performance on-premises while extending to public cloud for 11x9s of durability and pay-as-you-go economics. Best of all, it just works with your Veritas, Veeam, or Commvault workflow.

We're Making F2F2C a Reality

Picture a data protection environment in which backup is efficient, recoveries are super-fast, and data can be repurposed for new business initiatives. It's a next-gen environment that super-charges your existing backup applications - without any change to your workflow. That's F2F2C. And that's Pure Storage ObjectEngine.

Recover On-Demand

Legacy systems can be up to 10x slower with recovery as compared to backup. ObjectEngine offers blazing backup AND restore performance that scales near-linearly as you expand.

Lower Costs with Cloud

Don’t get stuck buying extra capacity in anticipation of future use. Pay-as-you-go with ObjectEngine, storing recent data on FlashBlade™ for rapid recovery – and all data in the public cloud to leverage cloud economics.

Look Beyond Data Protection

Use ObjectEngine and FlashBlade to repurpose all your data for a wide range of workloads on a single platform – and forget backup appliances that lock data in silos with slow restore performance.

Six Breakthroughs with ObjectEngine

ObjectEngine raises the bar for modern data protection, while saving you money.


Secure data with 11x9's of durability in the cloud

Single Namespace

Fast local performance, global data protection, one data hub


Backup and restore in minutes, not hours or days


Scale-out software with no boundaries, on-prem to cloud


Linear scale to 100s of PBs, with 10s of GBs of bandwidth


Reduce cloud storage and bandwidth costs by up to 97% with inline deduplication

ObjectEngine Subscription Licencing

Get access to the entire ObjectEngine portfolio on a pay-per-use basis. Modernise data protection and unlock the potential of your backup data, while delivering Storage-as-a-Service for backup data. 

ObjectEngine Subscription

Supercharge Your Existing Backup Workflow

Are you using Commvault, Veeam or Veritas for backup? ObjectEngine works seamlessly with your existing data protection solution. Simply make ObjectEngine the target of these applications and see your backup and recovery windows shrink dramatically.

A Data Protection Powerhouse

Some of the world's leading enterprises depend on FlashBlade to meet their backup and recovery service-level agreements (SLAs). Enterprise Strategy Group observed ObjectEngine with FlashBlade can complement an existing data protection solution like Veritas NetBackup, offering backup and recovery performance to meet today's most rigorous SLAs, recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.

Unify All Your Data, Then Put It to Work

Say goodbye to purpose-built backup appliances, and leave data silos behind. Once you consolidate all your data on a FlashBlade data hub together with ObjectEngine, you’re ready to mine that data for intelligence and advantage. Effortlessly share your data with next-gen analytics apps and drive time-to-insight with all-flash performance.